Uniform Forms Committee

Committee Chair or Co-Chairs:
Gail Howell, Chair
Beaux Victor, Vice-Chair

Committee Members:
Donna Cleary
James "Tony" Fuhrer
Janet Gros, LaFourche
Debra Guillory
David Hall
Kressy Krennerich
Mailan Le
Rick Mekdessie
Michele Picou
Michael Norton
Marilyn Richardson
Chris Sabin
Cynthia Stephens
Christina Villareal, BPA

Committee Responsibilities:
The Uniform Forms Committee is responsible for developing uniform forms and documents to be used by the members in the collection of taxes. After the committee develops the forms/documents, they are submitted to the LATA Board for approval.

Current Committee Activities & Goals:
The Uniform Forms Committee is currently working on a VDA, Tax lien, and disclaimers on all forms.