TRIALS (Tax Related Information & Litigation Summary) Committee

Committee Chair or Co-Chairs:
Tiffani Delapasse, Chair
Michele Picou, Vice-Chair

Committee Members:
Johnny Bailey, Mark Blevins, Shelley Butler, Astrid Conerly, Karen Dull, Glenn Etheridge, Marie Gordon, Denise Griggs, Dana Hanks, Dan Hester, Amber Hymel, Phillip Jackson, Tanya LeBert, Amy McDaniel, Chris Sabin, Brandi Sanner, Danny Sims, Kimberly Vereen, Mitzie Williams, Milzokiya Wilson

Committee Responsibilities:
The TRIALS Committee insures that the organization’s reference material remains updated with the latest legislative changes, as well as court action affecting local taxes.

Current Committee Activities & Goals:
The committee will continue to review reference information and topics to insure and maintain the quality and accuracy of the information. Court cases, Department of Revenue Policy Documents, and Legislative changes are being examined to assure they are documented under the appropriate topic as well as provide a viewable format of those documents.